Monday, February 21, 2011

Still riding

We survived last week's warm up and have 4-6" of new snow on top of a (rock) solid base. Groomers have been out, but still have more to do. There are some creek crossings where the snow bridge has been eroded, so be careful and expect to find some challenging sections out there.

The new club long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts are in and available for purchase at the Dryden VFW, Lake Como Inn and (hopefully) Poor Shots.

Cost is $15 for shirts and $20 for sweatshirts please stop by any of these places or contact Todd Ashley to purchase them. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lots of snow and low branches

Our trails survived last weekend's torrential rain storms and the poker run traffic and have been blessed with another 6-12" of snow this week combined with nice cold temperatures. The groomers have been out picking through the trails, but it has been very slow going. The freezing rain, sleet and wet snow stuck to every branch on our woods trails and there are lots of low branches and trees down. It would be very helpful if riders could take some time to help out with clearing trails. Bring a pair of loppers or a small chainsaw with you and do what you can. Remember the big groomers are 9' tall and 9' wide.
Enjoy the great conditions and always ride in control. We may be out touching up a few of the trails on Friday night so expect to meet a groomer or another sled on every corner at all times.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get out and ride!

We have 6-12" of fresh snow on a very nice 2-8" base.

After a heroic effort this week by Tim Cornelius to fix the new groomer's failed 24 volt alternator, we are back in business and grooming both sides of the hill again. The cold weather is helping to keep trails in tip top shape for Saturday' poker run.