Friday, February 26, 2010

16-20" of new snow!

We got hammered by the nor'easter yesterday and last night. Most trails had a good base, were groomed and in very good shape before the storm. This snow is wet and heavy underneath and dry on top. This means lots of drifts and tough going if you get stuck. This also makes it very tough to groom. One of the BR160's is out this afternoon working on S23b and C2 and C2b between the Old 76 Club and the Poor Shots right now. They may try to go up on Hammond Hill tonight. We will try and tackle Yellow Barn and Dryden later this weekend. Get out there and beat that snow down.

Have fun! Avoid riding alone.

Comments/updates on trail conditions are encouraged.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Trails are open and groomed

We have a 1-4" base built up on most of our trails. There is up to 8" of snow on the ground in the woods and most water holes are frozen.

The big groomer was out until 5am this morning covering most of Caroline, Slaterville, Yellow Barn and Hammond Hill. It is out tonight doing the rest of Hammond Hill and trail C2b to Virgil. The groomer operators feel that there just isn't enough snow to groom C2c to Cortland or C2h to Groton without tearing up the groomer and breaking more cleats on the tracks.

The Breast Cancer awareness ride is on for Sunday starting at 10am at the Dryden VFW.

Please post any comments on the current conditions of the trails.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trails are open but conditions are marginal

There is 2-6" of dry fluffy snow with little or no base on mostly frozen ground. Woods trails are in better shape than fields especially in the higher elevations. We need more snow than this to groom without tearing up the machines. Please use extreme caution and stay on marked trails.

I rode S25b near Midline Rd. last night and it was better than not riding at all, but not by much. There was barely 4" on no base. Tough on the carbides.

Riders are encouraged to post comments with updated conditions.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trails remain closed due to lack of snow

We got 1-3" of dry fluffy snow across the area last night. This gives us a total of 1-4" with no base and is not enough to groom or ride on. The poker run that is scheduled for Saturday will still happen regardless of the conditions. However, trails remain officially closed at land owner request and snowmobilers are strongly discouraged from riding until conditions improve. Thank you for your cooperation.